Dear Reader,

I am astonished by how the Internet has become a real world, only without boundaries.

From making friends to getting married, social networking is the new age society, whose norms we abide by. And breaking one is as much a taboo as ignoring your relative at a family function!

Virtually YoursIt really is a web in the true sense of the word. Once in, you are trapped. From minute-by-minute status updates to putting up pictures of each moment as soon as you finish living it, the internet has made us all addicts. Gone are the days when two people on a Vespa were called lovers. Now it is all about a relationship status update.

Befriending the right person, deleting the wrong, blocking the known and inviting strangers are the ways of the virtual world. Privacy is now a setting to hide from the very people you share your homes with. And yet, pictures of you doing unspeakable things at a party are open for the entire world to see. Don’t get me wrong dear reader. I don’t mean to be judgmental or preachy. This is merely an outside observation of what the virtual world taking over the real world, looks like today.

And some of these observations have been captured in one of my 9 short stories titled ‘The Facebook Stalker,’ in this book. Read the story and decide for yourselves the dilemma that is the virtual world, both a boon and a bane to relationships and people today.