Dear Reader,
One of the stories of this book – A High, Like Heaven – was first written 23 years ago. How does an author write the same story 23 years later you ask?
Then and NowFor me the transition was a fairly smooth one. For some strange reason, the story always stayed with me, even though I had written it almost two decades ago, as a younger writer and human being.

When I decided to write this book a few years ago, I had lost the original draft of my story, which was much shorter. But when I picked up the pen again, the story flowed out almost exactly the way it had been written so many years ago. Maybe this is something every writer experiences with his old stories, maybe not. For me though, while the story changed, and it took a few rewrites, the essence of it remained largely unchanged. It would be no exaggeration to say that the soul of my story remains intact even now, as you, the reader are finally going to read it in print. Perhaps that’s why I am glad that this is the story with which my book begins. In a way the story signifies the beginning of my first book as an author, as well as the beginning of my journey as a writer, a journey that began 23 years ago.