Virtually Yours

Dear Reader,

I am astonished by how the Internet has become a real world, only without boundaries.

From making friends to getting married, social networking is the new age society, whose norms we abide by. And breaking one is as much a taboo as ignoring your relative at a family function!

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Book Teaser – The Intimacy of Space

Shweta – The woman who had lost her family. It was the price she paid for love.
Hanif – The man who bore the painful scars of his past. It was the price he paid for love.
Shweta and Hanif’s love has been tested by both time and society. But never by temptation…
So will their love fall victim to this new test of temptation?

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What in the Name of Friendship?

Dear Reader, Friendship Day was celebrated earlier this week, and it compelled me to think – is one day in the entire year enough to celebrate the rare bond that friends share? I don’t think so.

That’s because I believe that friendship is one of the few relationships that any two people can share, irrespective of factors such as age, caste, creed or colour. This is what makes friendship truly special, especially in a country such as ours.

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