“Don’t you think we should report his death? I mean, he must have a family who waits for him.”

“No, Sneha let’s not be silly. There’ll be too many formalities, and we’ll definitely miss the bus back to Delhi. Besides, I have to reach back at the office tomorrow. We can’t get involved in a legal mess. Pritpal was a guide, he should have known better.”

Sneha looked at the cop again, and this time he caught her eye and started to walk towards her. When the cop reached her, she told him what had happened up there in the mountains, and the couple was asked to report the incident to the police station.

At the police station, the inspector just laughed his head off.

“Oh that Pritpal, he is always up to his tricks. He must have taken a short cut and gone home. Don’t worry. We will catch him later tonight at the bar.”

Sneha turned to her husband, who was smiling in a told-you-so half-moon smile.

“Gosh, Ashish. I will never argue with you again.”

Sneha boarded the bus behind Ashish.