Author Rituraj Verma’s unique book of 9 short stories – Love, Peace & Happiness is the third book to release by Jufic Books – an imprint of Leadstart Publications Pvt. Ltd. Committed to releasing entertaining and well-written fiction, Jufic Books encourages writing that tells the tale of urban characters and urban life, in urban India today.

Love, Peace & Happiness: What more can you want?
While Love, Peace & Happiness only hits stands at the end of this month, here is the other title from the house of Jufic Books that we recommend to our readers.

Emotional Hangover by Kinjal Darukhanawala:
Natalie is a 40 something teen therapist living in Sydney, Australia with a bestseller “Teens, Queens and Alpha Bullies” to her credit. It looks as though she has it all – the same husband she fell in love with almost two decades ago, a lovely teenage daughter and a successful career. But what happens when her daughter, Myrah, who is having the hardest time surviving in the queendom clique at school, invalidates Natalie’s every belief and Josh, her doting husband decides to part ways without providing much of an explanation? Emotional Hangover is a tale of three women in different age groups and their unique, yet intertwined, life experiences. Adolescent Myrah, who constantly treads on thin ice, while dealing with her BFF Miley and wooing the man of her dreams – Jason. The 30-something Tara’s spiritual
egotism, which comes in the way of her professional dreams and personal desires. The 40-something Natalie’s quest to rediscover love and passion. Will these lovely ladies find the ultimate cure for their
emotional hangover or will they give up to become resigned teetotallers?

And don’t forget author Rituraj Verma debut novel Love, Peace & Happiness: what more can you want? hits stands this August. Love, Peace & Happiness is a book of 9 short stories; stories of people who live life, take chances, make mistakes, face disappointment and yet go on… All in the hope of attaining Love, Peace & Happiness.