“Well, you must have heard. I got divorced last year from Gauri.” Rajneesh stubbed out his cigarette.

“Didn’t work out, huh? But there’s ‘someone for everyone’. You too, you just have to find her” nodded Sanjay.

“I’ve heard this bullshit Soul mate theory before. Mostly from smug married men like you, who claim to be happy in their 9-to-5 life. Or from silly women who justify their fear of commitment because they can’t find Mr Right.” Rajneesh made the double quote marks in the air for “Mr Right.”

“But isn’t it true?”

“Yeah, well maybe, but wherever she is, she has exactly forty man-hours of contact time to make it happen,” said Rajneesh.

“And what happens after forty man hours?” Sanjay asked.

“It’s time to take a decision. The emotional taxes start to go up. Forty man-hours are all you have for the first instalment. A bill is presented, and you can get out quickly. Or you can wait for the hundred man-hour mark, and let her decide to quit.” Rajneesh took a deep drag, blew out a long stream of smoke.