Shweta looked at the screen and re-read the email she had just typed.

“I am a 29 year old girl in a live-in relationship with my boyfriend for the last five years. We have discussed marriage but never found enough reason to get married. We are from different religions. We fight all the time these days. Both sets of parents are against our match. I don’t know how long this arrangement can go on. I’m scared I’ll never find another man if I walk out of this relationship. Am I doing something wrong?
– W”

She typed the email address – Shweta read the message thrice more and decided to remove the sentence about their being from different religions. She said a little prayer and clicked on the SEND button.

She looked in the mirror and brushed her long, silky hair. She could detect a few grey hairs this time. Yet, she looked at her reflection and smiled.

Suddenly, her mobile rang. The number flashing on the screen caused her to gasp.
“Dad? How did he …? God, I haven’t spoken to him in two years.”

She panicked and clumsily plunged at the phone. She fumbled, and it landed far away from her, behind the TV trolley in the room and flew into separate components she assembled back together. By the time she had fixed it, she had missed the call.

After the phone booted up again, it beeped and said ‘1 message received.’

“Do you care for marriage? Have a true match for you”, it said.

She dialled the number from the missed call list. It was busy.