“I sense the restlessness in your body.” She put her hand on his. A quick breath escaped his lips as he realized that she was peering into his soul, much like a doctor cutting open a patient and looking inside, visceral organs and all. There was a sharp pain in the heart, as if someone had pounded it with a sharp blow, and he was aware that his heart was beating faster. A physical upheaval took place, and out emerged a question- “Is this love?”

“At least, you are asking yourself the question,” she said. Had he spoken? Had she heard it? Could she read his mind?

“Then why am I still so sorrowful, why do I yearn for her so much?” This time he was sure he had not spoken.

She put her hands in front of his eyes, palms outstretched, covering the hypnotic view of the sea and the lights. Then she spread her fingers wide, and he could see alternating streaks of twinkling lights and blurred darkness, and his body answered by relaxing itself. Then her fingers closed, and he could sense his body tensing up, becoming sad, and missing the lights as darkness enveloped. Then again, she spread her fingers and once again, his body relaxed, his muscles went limp, and the lights mesmerized his mind again.