Dear Reader,
I have always claimed that the nine stories in this book are stories of life in the urban India of today. They are stories of people dealing with the complexity of everyday, volatile relationships. As a male author writing these stories from merely a man’s perspective would have been the most predictable thing to do. But doing the expected is never challenging enough, is it?

A Male author writing stories centered around women…good or bad or simply doesn’t matter?So of the nine stories in my book, four revolve around male characters and the other four are stories centered on female characters. Why female characters? Is because I, as a fairly well-educated, liberal, modern Indian have come to believe that I understand the urban Indian woman of today? Or is it merely a cleverly thought out strategy devised by me, to create a buzz around the book? Truthfully my reasons are none of the above.
As a writer I was simply looking to do justice to my claim that this book is a work of fiction based on urban relationships. And in what relationship may I ask, does a man play a greater role than a woman or vice versa? And who says that stories centered on women cannot be well-written when penned by a male author?
Don’t get me wrong dear reader. I don’t claim to know or understand women completely…no man can! But I do claim to have gone through a multitude of experiences that have helped me understand people – both men and women – better.
So here’s what I think: be it a man or woman, ultimately what each human being seeks in his or her life is Love, Peace and Happiness. And that is what forms the crux of each of these nine stories. I’d like to thus sign off by saying just one thing: read these stories as stories about people – and not merely men or women. If these stories then succeed in touching your heart, I will consider my purpose for writing this book, served.